Super Bowl XLVI Buildup Includes Crazy Fans, Unique Atmosphere (Photos)The frenzy that is Super Bowl media day took place at Lucas Oil Stadium in Indianapolis on Tuesday. Both the Patriots and Giants took to the field to face every question imaginable from the media, and the results included some interesting sights and sounds — to say the least.

A swarm of reporters and photographers surrounded Rob Gronkowski‘s booth during his media session, with many wanting an update on the status of his injured ankle. The Pats and G-Men each spent two hours speaking to the media, while fans watched the event from the stands for the first time in media day history.

And, as always, a few unorthodox reporters showed up. One media member donned a sombrero during his interviews, while another strapped a small camera to his head while speaking with players.

The Super Bowl hype won’t die down until the final whistle is blown on Sunday, but why not have a look at Tuesday’s circus-like event?

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