Vote: Does Tom Brady or Eli Manning Need This Super Bowl Win More?Giants quarterback Eli Manning caught the attention of plenty in the NFL community when he proclaimed before this season started that he belonged among the league's elite quarterbacks.

It was an idea that was laughed at and mocked by some. Yet, Manning came out and backed it up.

Now, he's just 60 minutes away from winning his second Super Bowl title in just four years, a pretty impressive feat that would leave no doubt that he is indeed one of the game's best.

Of course, for Manning to do so, he has to go through Tom Brady again, just like he did in Super Bowl XLVI.

If Manning's stature as an elite quarterback in the league today is at stake, it's Brady's legacy as one of the all-time greats that is at stake on the other side. Brady has a chance to reach rarefied air with another title. A fourth Lombardi trophy would make him just the third quarterback to do so in NFL history.

On the other hand, a loss — especially a second to Manning — may put something of a dent in Brady's legacy. Sure, he'll still go to Canton, but there's a pretty good chance that Brady will walk away from the game with an Eli Manning cloud hanging over his career.

Which quarterback needs this Super Bowl win more?