Vote: Has Tom Brady Already Secured His Legacy as Better Quarterback Than Peyton Manning?Actor Rob Lowe's tweet that Peyton Manning won't return to football may or may not be true, but it got us thinking. If Manning's career is indeed over, has Tom Brady already secured his spot in history above the Colts great?

The question involves, of course, more than just Super Bowl championships, as Brady already owns a 3-1 advantage in that department and has a chance to add a fourth with two more victories. As a postseason quarterback, too, there is no debate, as Manning is 9-10 as a starter and Brady is 15-5.

Yet while Brady's been on a stretch of statistical dominance since 2007, Manning ranks above him in several key categories, some by large margins.

Manning is third on the all-time passing yards list with 54,828, while Brady is 14th with 39,979.

Manning is third on the all-time touchdowns list with 399, while Brady is fifth with an even 300.

Manning is third on the all-time game-winning drives list with 46, while Brady is sixth with 34. Manning is also third in comeback drives with 35, with Brady tied for 10th with 24.

Manning's record as a starter is 141-67 (.678 winning percentage) and Brady's is 124-35 (.780 percentage).

Has Tom Brady already secured his legacy as a better quarterback than Peyton Manning?