Vote: Which Recent Championship Opponent Do You Hate Most?


January 6, 2012

Vote: Which Recent Championship Opponent Do You Hate Most?Win or lose, if you head into a championship game or series against a Boston team, you’re not going to be well-liked.

With that thought in mind, we’re wondering which one of those teams you hate the most.

The most recent championship opponents, of course, were the Vancouver Canucks, who return to town on Saturday afternoon. That series back in June had it all, from biting, to taunting, to Brad Marchand using Daniel Sedin‘s face as a punching bag, to Roberto Luongo wanting some tire pumps from Tim Thomas. There was more distaste in that two-week series than many teams experience in a decade. However, the Bruins emerged victorious, which may temper the hatred.

Going back another year to June of 2010, the Celtics and Lakers had a seven-game series of their own. You remember how it ended, and we need not remind you. Seeing the faces of Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol and the artist formerly known as Ron Artest should be enough to get your blood boiling. And it was hardly the first time Boston sports fans had a chance to hate the Lakers — that’s been going on for decades.

Then, of course, there is the Super Bowl that changed history. The 18-0 Patriots against the 13-6 Giants was supposed to be a cakewalk for the sport’s first 19-0 team. An Eli Manning scramble and a David Tyree miracle catch made it a different story. Giants 17, Patriots 14.

We’re sorry.

We left the Red Sox off this list, because it was hard to build up much detest for the Rockies as they were getting swept out of the World Series back in 2007. Plus, who really hates the Rockies?

Which recent championship opponent do you hate the most?

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