Bud Selig Says International MLB Draft Is ‘Inevitable,’ But No Timeline in Place for Implementation


With the new collective bargaining agreement that Major League Baseball quietly signed this offseason, a couple of subtle changes went into effect. But while the possibility of an extra Wild Card team gained most of the attention, the next big step could have a global impact on the game.

Commissioner Bud Selig may be turning his attention on creating an international draft to avoid the bidding wars that teams currently use to acquire top foreign talents like Yu Darvish and Yoenis Cespedes.

"It is inevitable," Selig told Baseball America while discussing the possibility of an international draft. "I would like to see it."

While Selig didn't indicate any timeline for creating a draft, he has reportedly formed a committee to map out the steps necessary for implementation. It's also not clear whether the international talent pool would be incorporated into the current draft of amateur players or if it would have its own separate draft.

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