Curt Schilling is never afraid to make himself heard and that hasn't changed now that he's retired from the big leagues.

In a candid conversation on ESPN's Dan Lebatard is Highly Questionable, Schilling detailed his interactions with former Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez and one time in particular, he blamed Ramirez for giving up on making a play during a game.

"I'd never had anybody quit on the field on me before," Schilling tells host Dan LeBatard. "It was a very eye-opening situation."

Schilling explains he was so angry after Manny gave up on a fly ball that he wanted to confront Ramirez in the dugout. However, Schilling says he wasn't allowed to do so by other Red Sox players.

"A couple of my teammates stopped me from [confronting Ramirez,]" he explains. "And the commentary was around the fact that 'Manny needs to get ready to hit.'"

The entire conversation between Schilling and LeBatard is pretty interesting, and can be seen in the video below.