Egypt Soccer Violence Leaves More Than 70 Dead, Hundreds More Injured (Photos)Scores of people were killed and hundreds more were injured at a soccer game in Port Said, Egypt, on Wednesday. Images of the horrific scene and its aftermath have appeared on front pages and headline stories around the world. 

Armed thugs posing as fans of the home team (Port Said’s al-Masry) stormed the field, rushed towards the section containing visiting fans (those of Cairo giants al-Ahly) and attacked them with knives, stones and fireworks. Many of the victims were young people who were stabbed, beaten and trampled to death during the chaos. This tragedy has echoes of past tragedies, where young people left home to cheer on their favorite soccer team, and never returned.

Authorities have launched investigations into the attacks, and some believe they may have been politically motivated. It was only a year ago that a revolution took place in Egypt, and Wednesday’s horrors may have been committed to settle old scores.

The attacks generated widespread outrage and condemnation from many figures both within and beyond the world soccer community. Egypt has indefinitely suspended all soccer games, and the entire board of the Egyptian FA has been fired. People have taken to the streets of Cairo to mourn the victims and demand change.

The fallout will likely be far-reaching, and we have compiled photos of the deadliest stadium disaster the world has seen in 15 years (Warning: Some of the photos contain graphic images).

Click here for photos of the violence at a soccer game in Egypt >>

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