Jalen Rose Calls Rob Gronkowski ‘White Boy Wasted,’ Quickly Apologizes


Jalen Rose is one of ESPN's most notable basketball analysts, but when appeared on Mike and Mike in the Morning on Thursday, he decided to talk a little football. Specifically, he wanted to talk about Rob Gronkowski partying after the Super Bowl.

The move didn't pay off.

Rose's comments on the matter sparked an immediate apology after the former NBA player said that Gronkowski was "white boy wasted."

"Forgive this term because I didn?t make it up: He was having a good time. He was white boy wasted. He was having a good time," said Rose.

Rose's comments occurred midway through the program, but in what could be one of the quickest turnarounds in Television history, the ESPN analyst offered an apology by the end of the show.

"You guys got me in trouble," Rose said. "Earlier in [Thursday?s] show we were talking about the Patriots? postgame party and I made some comments that other people ? some people ? took as insensitive remarks, so for those that took it that way I definitely apologize. Pretty sure I always say things that upset people, get under people?s skin. I guess today was no different. So I?m sorry for the pushback."

The "apology" was met with laughter by Rose and host Mike Golic, so it's definitely possible that the statement was less than genuine.

What the "Worldwide Leader" should be wondering is why a basketball analyst was talking about football in the first place.

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