Kobe Bryant Says He’s Better Than Michael Jordan, Second to Wilt Chamberlain as Best NBA Player Ever (Video)

Philadelphia guys stick together.

Kobe Bryant took part in an exhibition game last summer and, in a conversation with someone in the crowd, gave his short list of the greatest NBA players ever.

Bryant, who attended Lower Merion High School outside the City of Brotherly Love, placed himself below only Wilt Chamberlain, who attended Overbrook High School in West Philadelphia (born and raised, on a playground was where he spent most of his days). Michael Jordan was lucky No. 3, by Bryant’s count.

Bryant is entitled to his opinion, but the really entertaining part was how he phrased his list.

“Who are the five best NBA players of all time?” he said. “Think about it. Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Kobe and Kobe. I spit hot fire.”

OK, so he didn’t really say that, but it would have been funnier if he had.

Check out what Bryant actually said in the video below.

Warning: Video contains explicit language.

Fist pound Jersey Chaser via Larry Brown Sports