Five-time NBA champion Kobe Bryant has never been shy about speaking his mind.

So when the Lakers star posed for a picture with Rob Gronkowski after L.A.'s 88-87 overtime victory over the Celtics, he didn't hesitate to tell the Pats' tight end where he thinks he should play next, according to WEEI.

"I said 'the Eagles need a tight end.' That's what I told him," Bryant, a Philadelphia native, said. "I'm recruiting. He's phenomenally talented — just a freak athlete. He shouted at me. I shouted back. It's fun to have those conversations with athletes that you respect."

Check out the photo below.

Kobe Bryants Tells Rob Gronkowski to 'Play for the Eagles,' Poses for Picture With Him After Celtics-Lakers Game (Photo)

Photo courtesy of Glenn Gronkowski's Twitter account, @ggronko.