Full-Body Scanners Highlight Tight Security Measures for Super Bowl XLVI


February 2, 2012

Security measures for Super Bowl XLVI will be air tight, but the most noticeable security proceedings will be courtesy of Homeland Security's massive full body scanners.

According to TheIndyChannel.com, the super sized body scanners are one of the newest additions to the Super Bowl safety procedure. The scanners will be operated by three people, a high tech sensor and a robotic arm according to David Karmen, who works for Customs and Border Control.

The powerful machines will be able to see through six inches of steel, according to CBP official Brian Bell in an interview with RTV 6's Rafael Sanchez.

"We can detect people, handguns and rifles," Bell said. "You'd be a fool to bring something into that stadium that you shouldn't. We're going to catch it."

Other security proceedings include a list of items that are not allowed into Lucas Oil Stadium, including weapons, umbrellas, bottles and camcorders.

Patrons will be able to bring in small binoculars and cameras, but only if the lens on the camera is smaller than six inches.

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