Miss USA Alyssa Campanella Is Canucks Fan, Poses for Photos With Sedin Twins, Alexandre Burrows


Miss USA is an incredible honor for the young ladies on the pageant circuit in America, and with that tiara comes great responsibility. The lucky winner who takes home the sacred prize every year is expected to represent the country as someone who has competed “with hopes of advancing their careers, personal and humanitarian goals, and as women who seek to improve the lives of others.”

And then there’s Alyssa Campanella. She was named Miss USA in 2011. By all accounts, she seems like a wonderful young lady who has already done a ton of good work as Miss USA. 

However, she has one noticable flaw — she’s a Vancouver Canucks fan (hat tip to Busted Coverage for exposing this national emergency). For those who struggle with geography, Vancouver is in the Canadian province of British Columbia. So at the risk of stating the obvious, Miss USA roots for a Canadian hockey team.

That’s bad enough, but it’s even worse given the reputation that the Canucks have earned in the past couple of years, culminating with their Stanley Cup Final appearance against the Bruins last season in which they made just as much news for taking punches to the face and biting as they did for actually playing the game of hockey.

However, there may be a reason behind the preposterous notion that Miss USA (born in New Jersey, representing California) could be of all things, a Canucks fan. The answer may lie in the wisdom imparted upon us by the classic rock band 10cc who once sang about “The Things We Do for Love.”

It turns out that Campanella is dating Torrance Coombs. The actor, who has appeared in a handful of TV shows and TV movies that you’ve probably never heard of, is a native of, you guessed it, Vancouver!

In Campanella’s defense, she’s really selling it. She’s posted numerous photos to her Twitter account in the last week of her in a Canucks jersey posing alongside the likes of Daniel and Henrik Sedin and Alexandre Burrows.

So, it would appear that there’s a simple way to get Miss USA rooting for an American hockey team, perhaps in an Original Six city, one with a rich sports history like, say, Boston.

Anyone willing to take one for Team USA?

Photo of the Day

Is there any excuse for Miss USA to be seen with the Sedins?

Miss USA Alyssa Campanella Is Canucks Fan, Poses for Photos With Sedin Twins, Alexandre Burrows

Photo via Twitter/@AlyssCampanella

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“You see what’s going on in this world. Michael Jackson. Whitney Houston. A lot of bad stuff. If you don’t have God in your heart, you’re not going anywhere. You could have money, you could have 700 home runs, but you’re not going anywhere.”
–Manny Ramirez has apparently found God.

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Using the word “muppet” as an insult will almost always land you “Tweet of the Day” honors.

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Wonder how Hulk Hogan (or Mets reliever Tim Byrdak) would feel about Miss USA rooting for the Canucks

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