Report: Deaths, Injuries in Egypt Soccer Attack Caused by 'Deep Cuts' and 'Concussion'At least 74 people were killed and hundreds more were injured as fans of Egyptian soccer club al-Masry attacked fans of rival club al-Ahly. Many injuries were caused by stabbing, head trauma and suffocation, according to the BBC.

“BBC’s Jon Leyne in Cairo says it appears some fans had taken knives into the stadium,” the report says.

“Officials say most of the deaths were caused by concussions, deep cuts to the heads and suffocation from the stampede.”

Witnesses say that toward the end of al-Masry’s 3-1 upset of al-Ahly, a fan of visiting al-Ahly unfurled a banner insulting the home fans. Al-Masry fans ran onto the field and attacked players, coaches and fans of the visiting team.

Video shows that security forces were unable to contain the masses of people that poured onto the field. Al-Ahly players and supporters were reportedly chased into the locker rooms, and trapped inside until riot police could intervene.

Violence has been a long-running problem in Egyptian soccer. Security has been especially lax at many stadia in Egypt after last year’s revolution that brought down the regime of former Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak.

“This is unfortunate and deeply saddening. It is the biggest disaster in Egypt’s soccer history,” Hesham Sheiha, deputy health minister, told Al-Jazeera.

The Egyptian Premier League announced it would indefinitely suspend play following the attacks.

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