Report: LeBron James Uses 'Gordon Gekko' Alias When Checking Into HotelsNo matter what LeBron James does, he cannot keep himself from making news. Whether it's tweeting about a Blake Griffin dunk or being passed over for Kobe Bryant by Larry Bird, James is always at the front burner.

Now, a new piece of information delves into the world of pseudonyms, specifically the one James apparently uses when he stays at hotels.

According to a tweet from NBC affiliate reporter Sarah Schorno, James chooses a very famous name when he checks into various hotels.

"I learned last night that LeBron apparently uses Gordon Gekko as his hotel alias," Schorno tweeted.

Gordon Gekko, of course, is the name of the movie character played by Michael Douglas in the 1987 film Wall Street and its 2010 sequel. 

Schorno works out of Washington, where LeBron and the Miami Heat will be playing tonight, so she might be on to something.

But while this report is out in the open, there is no confirmation as to whether James believes that greed is in fact good.