Ryan Reynolds Takes Shot at Boston, Picks Giants to Win Super Bowl XLVI


February 2, 2012

Ryan Reynolds Takes Shot at Boston, Picks Giants to Win Super Bowl XLVIThe Super Bowl is a massive event that captures the eye of the entire world. News outlets will ask everyone their predictions of the big game, even celebrities.

One big star decided that to take his Super Bowl prediction personally, as it seems that Ryan Reynolds is not a big fan of the Boston area.

Reynolds was asked by Extra who he thought would win the big game on Sunday. The Green Lantern star decided that this would be the appropriate moment to take a shot at Boston, where he had recently been filming a movie with Jeff Bridges and Kevin Bacon.

"Well, I just spent five months in Boston, so I?m going to have to say the Giants," said Reynolds.


Reynolds' jab suggests that he did not enjoy his time in Boston, but it could be for good reason. Reynolds is Canadian and the major resentment might come from the fact that he was born and raised in a city that will hold everlasting bitterness towards Boston for years. That's right. Reynolds is from Vancouver and even had a little run-in with the Bruins last year.

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