Adam McQuaid's New Look 'An Eye-Catcher,' But Defenseman Willing to Sacrifice Style for Good CauseBOSTON –- No good horror movie ever goes without a sequel. So it’s only natural that last year’s scariest nightmare has returned.

Yes, Adam McQuaid’s bizarre shaved-head mullet combination is back. The rugged defenseman was one of many Bruins to participate in Wednesday’s Cuts for a Cause event to raise money for the Floating Hospital for Children at Tufts Medical Center for treating children for cancer.

While most of his teammates went with the straight buzz cut, McQuaid’s famous long flowing locks aren’t sacrificed so easily. So for the second straight year he got the top and sides of his head shaved close to his scalp, but the party in the back was left intact.

The result is unique, to say the least, but McQuaid is willing to endure a few strange looks in support of a worthy charity.

"It’s for a good cause, and at the end of the day, it’s only hair,” McQuaid said after Thursday’s morning skate. “It’ll grow back. Hopefully we’ll get some cold weather for a while so I can wear my tuque around so I won’t have to show this off too much."

McQuaid may try to keep the new look under wraps as much as possible, but superstitious Bruins fans can take comfort in knowing it is there. After all, last year’s cut and the ensuing growing out of the playoff mullet proved a powerful talisman on the Bruins’ run to the Cup, though McQuaid isn’t completely sold on the mystical powers of the mullet. 

"I guess it was good luck," McQuaid said. "I’m sure there were lots of other factors that figured into us winning."

This year’s version appears a bit more severe, but McQuaid believes last year’s look has been replicated pretty well.

"That’s what everyone’s saying, but I think it’s pretty close," McQuaid said. "I think it’s just the first week or so it’s the shock of seeing it. Until we can get a couple weeks of growth, it’s a bit of an eye-catcher, that’s for sure."

While he’ll try to wear a hat off the ice as much as possible until the rest of his hair grows back, McQuaid also had to make some adjustments to cover it up while playing.

"I had to readjust it a little bit," McQuaid said of his helmet. "Hopefully it stays on. If I can wear a helmet or a hat as often as I can, I’ll be happy."

Photo via Twitter/NaokoFunayama

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