Browns Trade Up for Robert Griffin III in Mock Draft 2.0, Patriots Boost Defensive FrontAs the scouting combine came to an end, the rash of focus has been on the Rams' strong desire to trade the No. 2 pick. Of course, at this point, it looks like a lock to happen because Baylor quarterback Robert Griffin III impressed enough teams to lock down that second selection. Check here for a complete analysis of that situation.

But here's the point, as I lead into my second of 10 mock drafts. Just like the rest of the planet, I know Griffin will go second. I've never included a trade in the last two years of mock drafts because it brings up too many complications, but it looks like such a forgone conclusion that I've got to rethink that philosophy this time around.

So while the Rams field offers, I'll do the work for them (that's nice, right?). The Browns will acquire the second pick in exchange for the fourth pick and the 22nd pick, among other selections that don't affect this mock. But let's throw in a third- and fourth-rounder from this year's draft and a second-rounder in 2013. If the Rams finalize a trade before free agency, I think they can get that type of haul.

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