Bruins Have Some Fun on Team Flight, Compare Sleeping Milan Lucic to Sloth From ‘The Goonies’


Rule No. 1 about traveling with the Bruins is apparently “Don’t fall asleep” on the team plane because if you do, you will have your picture taken and it will end up on the Internet.

Milan Lucic and Gregory Campbell found that out the hard way on Wednesday afternoon when the team traveled across the country to California where they will open a three-game road trip in the Golden State starting Thursday night at San Jose.

The B’s turned to amateur photographer Andrew Ference to provide the hijinks as the defenseman used his camera phone to grab a couple of pics of two sleepy bears. One of them was Campbell, who got off relatively easy as he was caught dozing.

However, Lucic was not as lucky. Not only was the power forward caught in the act of catching some z’s, Lucic was caught with a look on his face that is a far cry from his menacing on-ice stare.

In fact, Lucic’s dreamland gaze led teammates to compare it to the hideous — but lovable — character from The Goonies, Sloth.

Ference better watch out, because there may be to hell to pay — once Lucic actually wakes up.

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“Heyyy, youuu guys!”

Bruins Have Some Fun on Team Flight, Compare Sleeping Milan Lucic to Sloth From 'The Goonies'

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“I’m just sorry that I can’t agree with this situation. I think it’s just a publicity stunt. I can’t go with it. I think it’s wrong. I don’t think they know what they’re doing over there.”
–Joe Namath can’t understand what the Jets are doing by bringing in Tim Tebow 

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Whoa, whoa, whoa. Who’s giving “the kid” a hard time, dude? Party on, Gronk.


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In the face! In! The! Face!

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