Clippers Announcer Michael Eaves Talks About ‘Bums,’ Other Stuff, Thinking He’s Off-Air

by NESN Staff

March 12, 2012

There’s nothing like a little unfiltered talk to spice up an NBA broadcast.

Clippers broadcaster Michael Eaves wasn’t using a derogatory name for homeless people or channeling Burgess Meredith (“You’re a bum, Rock!”) during what he thought was a commercial break Sunday. Eaves had a minute-long conversation with somebody about someone’s gluteus maximus while FOX Sports showed a wide shot of the Staples Center.

The chatter was innocent enough until Eaves made a comment about a “naked girl” in New Orleans. That was when someone in the TV truck apparently woke up and turned on the trademark intro music, cutting off Eaves’ commentary.

Check out the awkwardness in the video below.

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Blake Griffin wants to know: Who are you calling a bum?

Clippers Announcer Michael Eaves Talks About 'Bums,' Other Stuff, Thinking He's Off-Air

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“I’m a walking train wreck.”
— former ESPN analysts Sean Salisbury, speaking to the New York Daily News, on his many health ailments 

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That’s an awesome opossum.

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