Darrelle Revis Says Jets Locker Room is ‘In Disarray Right Now’

If Jets fans were worried about the team's locker room, Darrelle Revis didn't do much to quell those fears.

The Pro Bowl cornerback was interviewed on SportsCenter Wednesday, and when asked about the state of the Jets' locker room right now, he answered with four words: "in disarray right now."

Revis did, however, have positive things to say about his team's starting quarterback Mark Sanchez, as well as its backup, Tim Tebow, whom the team recently traded for.

"I think [Tebow will] have a big impact on [Sanchez] in terms of just trying to maybe push him a little bit more," Revis said on SportsCenter. "Not to say that Mark needs to get pushed, but in a way that you know, Tebow is a winning quarterback. Mark is a winning quarterback, too, you got to understand that Mark took us to two AFC championship games.

"I think both of them will just have to feel each other out. We're probably going to try to figure that out during OTAs. And going into training and see how comfortable both of them are going into the season.

"I know Mark personally, and he's there, we're there sometimes at 7 p.m. — two hours after work — in the cold tubs and the hot tubs and he's going over his playbooks, Revis added. "So I know Mark works hard. There's no question about it."

Revis also touched on the alleged falling out between Sanchez and wide receiver Santonio Holmes, saying that the situation was blown out of proportion.

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