David Price Injures Neck, Forced to Leave Start After Toweling Himself Too Hard Between Innings


March 8, 2012

We're only a week into spring training, and we might have just found the craziest injury of the year.

David Price has had an interesting offseason to say the least. First, Price found a man urinating on his car, and now the Rays lefty has reportedly injured his neck with a towel while drying off between innings.

"I was just drying my head off in between innings,'' Price told the Tampa Bay Times. "It's happened to me two times before. The towel just catches the back of my head and it pulls my neck forward. I just felt it a little bit in back of my neck and just wanted to be cautious with it. … It's spasms, there's a little pop and it just spasms up and gets a little tight.''

I'm not sure what's more embarassing for the pitcher; the fact that it happened during a game, or that it's happened to him twice before. Either way, it's probably time for Price to relax a little bit when it comes to his towel usage.

Rays skipper Joe Maddon had a few comments about the 26-year old pitcher and his hygienic habits.

"David might need better technque when it comes to toweling himself down,'' Maddon said. "He's been doing it for 20-some years now but apparently doesn't have it down yet."

Maybe Maddon is right. Perhaps all Price needs is just a little more practice.

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