It’s been a year in the making and now the clash comes to a head: John Cena and The Rock will be alone in the squared circle at Wrestlemania 28 to settle their differences.

Their beef goes all the way back to Wrestlemania 27 as The Rock interfered with Cena’s match and cost him the title against The Miz. The next night, Cena issued a challenge and after a year of anticipation and suspense-building, a resolution will be reached.

The WWE’s biggest event of the year takes place this Sunday at Sun Life Stadium and wrestling fans are sure to see a classic. Not only will Rock and Cena try to steal the show, a full lineup of headline acts will be there including The Undertaker, who puts his unrivaled 19-0 Wrestlemania winning streak on the line against Triple H.

The Rock hadn’t been in a WWE ring for nearly eight years but managed to make his way back into the festivities last year when he was announced at the host for the event. Since his return to the WWE, a feud with Cena had sparked up and shenanigans were expected at Wrestlemania. They ensued, paved the way for a challenge, led to consistent tension throughout the year and now come to a head.

While the back-and-forth has been entertaining –- including The Rock’s humorous guitar ditty of Cena a few weeks ago –- Cena is favored when it comes down to business. Even though he no longer holds the WWE Championship belt, he’s posted as a -280 favorite over The Rock. The current champ is CM Punk and the winner of this bout might target him shortly afterwards.

Both are fan favorites and it will make it hard on the audience. Normally, the bouts are between a hero and a heel but this one definitely takes on a different tone that will split the crowd in half on Sunday.

Meanwhile, the co-main event of the evening is going to stir up plenty of emotions with three of the biggest brands in the sport getting caged up together. The Undertaker will take on Triple H in a Hell in a Cell match with Shawn Michaels as the special guest referee.

The Undertaker is a massive favorite on the lines simply because he’s never lost at Wrestlemania. 19 have tried and 19 have failed, and it’s been a perennial selling point each year.

The next man up who’ll try to ruin perfection is Triple H, who is Vince McMahon‘s son-in-law. If anyone’s going to put a blemish on The Undertaker’s track record, could it be someone related to the boss?

It’s actually the second consecutive year these two will go head-to-head at Wrestlemania and the third time overall.

Last year, The Undertaker won the match but incurred such physical damage that he had to be carted out of the Georgiadome in Atlanta while Triple H left under his own power. That didn’t sit well with The Undertaker, who refused to leave that as a lasting memory. After a 10-month hiatus, he returned in January and issued a challenge.

As if there wasn’t enough on the line already, a wrench will be thrown into the mix when The Heartbreak Kid returns as a special guest referee.

If last year’s matchup between The Undertaker and Triple H was a slugfest, Hell in a Cell will be sheer bedlam. The only way out is by pinfall or submission and if experience is key, The Undertaker has it on his side.

There have only been 25 Hell in a Cell matches in WWE history and nobody has more appearances than his 11. Even so, his five wins are one short of record-holder Triple H, who has picked up six wins in eight of those steel-caged matches.

Here are the Wrestlemania odds brought to you by Bovada Sports:
John Cena -280
The Rock +220

The Undertaker -900
Triple H +550