Egypt Intends to Prosecute 75 for Involvement in Mass Murder at Soccer Game in Port SaidSince Feb. 1, Egyptians have demanded justice for the victims of the massacre that saw 74 soccer fans lose their lives and at least 1,000 more suffer injuries.

Authorities have taken a step toward meeting those calls according to Reuters, as 75 people, including nine police officers, will stand trial for their roles in the crime.

“The accused were sent to a criminal court on charges of committing the crime of intentional and premeditated murder,” the general prosecutor’s office said in a statement.

“State television said nine of the 75 people to stand trial were police officers,” the Reuters report added. “Two were minors who would be tried in a juvenile court.”

The shocking violence occured in the coastal city of Port Said after a game between Egyptian clubs al-Masry and al-Ahly. Armed thugs rushed the field after the final whistle and attacked al-Ahly players and fans with knives, sticks and other weapons. Police and other security personnel stood and watched while the crimes were happening.

Not only was it one of the world’s deadliest stadium tragedies, it was preventable. Many died from stab wounds or head trauma, but many more were crushed against locked exit gates and died from suffocation.

A parliamentary fact-finding commission has yet to release its official report on what is known as the “Port Said Massacre.” Victims and their families are seeking information about the cause and events leading up to the deadly attacks.

That day, Egypt’s Football Association suspended all league games, and it has since cancelled the rest of the campaign. Ultras associated with various clubs have promised to disrupt any games taking place before justice is served.

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