Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s Focus Seems to Be on Manny Pacquiao, Not on Upcoming Fight With Miguel Cotto


Floyd Mayweather Jr.'s Focus Seems to Be on Manny Pacquiao, Not on Upcoming Fight With Miguel CottoFloyd Mayweather Jr. is currently on a promotional tour for his May 5 fight against Miguel Cotto in Las Vegas. The American fighter, known for his cocky attitude and trash talk, has been surprisingly quiet when it comes to his opponent.

Mayweather has done nothing but praise his next opponent, saying as far as he is concerned the Puerto Rican is still undefeated in his career — Cotto's only losses have come against Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito.

Mayweather has instead used his praises of Cotto to attack his main rival in the boxing scene: Pacquiao.

Mayweather claims that Cotto is undefeated because his only two losses have come against cheaters.  Mayweather insists that Pacquiao has used performance-enhancing drugs, while Margarito was caught in a fight just after defeating Cotto — spurring many to believe he had cheated in the Cotto fight as well.

Cotto is coming off a decisive win against Margarito, avenging his earlier loss and casting even more doubt over Margarito's win in the first fight.

Mayweather has continuously taken jabs at Pacquiao while promoting his next fight while saying nothing negative about his opponent.

This could be an indication that he's turned over a new leaf and has decided to leave his theatrics behind him. But really it just reeks of disrespect towards Cotto.

The lack of trash talk seems to imply that Cotto is not worthy of it, and the focus of Mayweather on Pacquiao during their news conference makes it clear he's thinking about a fight with Pacquiao and not the one coming on May 5.

Cotto just left Top Rank, a boxing marketing agency, after disagreements with Bob Arum over complications in his fight against Margarito, and decided to join forces with Golden Boy. That may be one of the reasons Mayweather has taken such a liking to Cotto, considering how much Mayweather hates Top Rank and specifically Arum.

Ultimately, what matters is what happens in the ring. And while Cotto is not a weak rival, he certainly isn't what the fans wanted out of Mayweather. Clearly, it's not what Mayweather wanted either.

The winner in all this is Miguel Cotto, who got his dream fight, a respectful opponent and we can assume a lot of money out of all this.

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