Jay Miller Is Last Bruins Player to Lead NHL in Fighting Majors (Videos)


Boxing has succeeded as a sport thanks to the unique passion humans have for watching two other humans pummel each other into submission. Throw those guys out onto some ice, and bouts can get a bit more interesting.

Clearly, hockey is not interesting by coincidence. It’s got plenty of elements to draw fans, and fighting is not the least among them.

The Bruins do their fair share of fighting and Shawn Thornton is currently doing a little more than his fair share. He currently leads the league in fighting majors with 19, making him a beloved figure in Boston and a feared one everywhere else.

Thornton’s fancy for fighting has brought back a title that has been long-absent from the Bruins’ locker room. The last time a Boston player led the NHL in fighting majors was during the 1987-88 season when Jay Miller finished the year with 33. While teammate Lyndon Byers was also in contention for that title, Miller was the best of the best. Andrei Nazarov led the league in fights in the 2000-01 season but he wasn’t a member of the Bruins from start to finish that season.

Check out some of Miller’s fights in the videos below.

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