Jose Canseco became one of the central figures in the steroid era when he released his book, Juiced, in 2005. Numerous big leaguers were implicated by Canseco as steroid users, and it was one of the first major publications to cause fans and the league to rethink the so-called "steroid era."

Years later, Canseco opened up on his Twitter account and said that his controversial book might have been a mistake.

The former slugger tweeted early Thursday morning on his account, stating that he did not realize what he had done when he wrote the book.

"I am truly sorry for hurting my teamates and friends when I wrote juiced," Canseco tweeted.

"I have had nightmares since I wrote that book it still haunts me till today .it is my demon that never sleeps"

Canseco's early morning Twitter therapy session continued by saying that he is depressed for what he had done with Juiced and that he wishes he had a time machine to turn back the clock. He also mentioned that he would possibly travel back before he wrote the book, or dating and marrying Madonna.

This isn't Canseco's first time mentioning that he regrets aspects of Juiced. The former major leaguer stated that he wished that he didn't namedrop during an A&E special several years ago.

Canseco also wrote a second book in 2008 titled Vindicated.