It’s been said again and again since The Decision in 2010 — LeBron James is a big kid.

The NBA star has been told since high school that he would be the next big thing in basketball. As a result, he never really took the time to grow up, simply enjoying the worship bestowed upon him by adoring fans.

And while that adoration has fizzled in the time since James moved to Miami, the child-like attitude many fans fell in love with is still there.

That youthful vibrance was on full display Tuesday as James performed karaoke with his Heat teammates at a charity event arranged by Shane Battier.

James sang the Rick James classic “Super Freak.” But as he does on the basketball court, the 27-year-old raised the game to a new level.

Donning a Rick James wig and playing to the crowd, the Heat swingman was the hit of the evening. It’s hard to enjoy pretty much anything the Akron, Ohio, product does since he abandoned the Cavaliers, but this is about as close as it comes.