The New Orleans Saints operated a bounty system over the few years the NFL revealed late last week, but a Louisiana sportswriter isn't too convinced about how much that really matters.

The Daily Advertiser (Lafayette) sportswriter Glenn Guilbeau penned a column Sunday evening in which he blasted the Saints, not necessarily for using the bounty program, but instead, using the story as a chance to criticize the New Orleans defense.

"In fact," Guilbeau wrote, "Saints 'hunters' under former bounty coordinator Gregg Williams have tended to bring BB guns when the bounty is the highest the last two years."

Guilbeau points to some of the performances New Orleans opponents have displayed in the past couple of years, recalling the efforts of Marshawn Lynch and Vernon Davis in the playoffs the last two seasons.

"The price tags ranged from were $1,000 to $1,500 for an opponent to leave the game after a hit," he wrote. "That sounds criminal. But this is the SAINTS' defense. You have to catch or tackle someone before you can hurt him."

Guilbeau really brought out the big guns, however, in the very next paragraph when he unloaded one of the worst criticisms you can think of for a football player — he compared the Saints to pop star Justin Bieber.

"If Justin Bieber tried to start up a street gang, it's not like police would don riot gear."

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Louisiana Sportswriter Compares Saints' Bounty-Hunting Defense to a Justin Bieber Street Gang

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