Mario Balotelli Promises to Give 'Why Always Me?' T-Shirt to Noel GallagherOn Oct. 23, Mario Balotelli scored a goal, lifted his jersey, and made a new entry into the book of the English language’s hippest phrases. “Why Always Me?” read the message on his shirt.

Last week, the Manchester City striker appeared on BBC’s Football Focus, granting a rare interview to none other than the former Oasis frontman (and famous Manchester City fan) Noel Gallagher.

During the lengthy interview, he explained the story behind the famous T-shirt celebration. “Why Always Me?”, was his way of expressing his feelings about how he has been protrayed by the English press.

It was one of this Premier League season’s iconic moments. Fans around the world have made their own “Why Always Me?” shirts, and the phrase even inspired Balotelli’s unoffical theme song.

But what happened to the shirt itself? Balotelli claims it is back in his native Italy. Apparently he has little use for it (he has since made other t-shirt-grams), because he (twice) promised to give the original to Gallagher. That’s right. If it ever appears on eBay, we’ll all know who the seller is.

Thumbnail photo via Flickr/yayan septiana