Mario Balotelli Tells Oasis Frontman Noel Gallagher That He Needs to Mature


March 8, 2012

The Mario Balotelli saga continues, this time with a crossover episode involving one of music?s most volatile front men: Noel Gallagher.

In an interview that aired on BBC the Manchester City striker was interviewed by the Oasis front man — a bizarre occurrence that only TV could have given us — to talk about his latest behavioral problems.

The 21-year-old Italian star was on the Football Focus program were he talked about his various scandals since his Inter years with Gallagher, who is a huge Manchester City fan.

Balotelli responded to Roberto Mancini‘s comments that he needs to mature with a very responsible yet childlike response: “If Mancini says something, he is right.”

Balotelli has always had a strange father-son-like relationship with Mancini and in the program with Gallagher he continued on that theme saying that, “if it had not been for Mancini, I would not have come. He is the reason I?m here and I?m happy.”

Balotelli and Gallagher were able to share their hatred of the paparazzi following them around their day-to-day business. Balotelli claimed he is only a normal person doing regular things — like spending an average Manchester man?s year-long salary at a strip club, throwing darts and blowing up his house with fireworks.

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