Nike Apologizes for ‘Black and Tan’ St. Patrick’s Day Sneakers Some Found Offensive to Irish, Catholics


Usually the only thing that’s offensive about a shoe is its odor.

Nike released a limited edition sneaker called the Nike SB Dunk Low, and the product quickly earned the nicknamed “Black and Tans” because of its coloring.

But before long, someone found a reason to be offended by that nickname. For history buffs and people with Irish heritage, that nickname could be offensive because it is the same nickname used for the Royal Irish Constabulary, a British military force that brutally killed Catholics and struck fear into the hearts of Irish communities.

Nike quickly issued an apology, saying it meant no offense. Nevertheless, the shoes will stay on the market, though people should probably keep it simple and call the shoes “SB Dunks” just to be safe.

Check out a photo of the sneakers.

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