Ozzie Guillen Uses Expletive in Tongue-in-Cheek Response to Bobby Valentine Waving As Marlins Skipper Ejected


March 12, 2012

Ozzie Guillen couldn't even make it to the regular season without getting tossed from a game.

The new Marlins skipper was ejected in the sixth inning of what was eventually a 5-3, 10-inning win for the Red Sox at JetBlue Park on Monday. As Guillen exited the field, Red Sox manager Bobby Valentine wished him farewell with a friendly wave.

"See ya," Valentine recalled saying.

Guillen didn't notice Valentine's gesture at first, but caught wind of it after the game when speaking to reporters.

"I didn't see it," Guillen said. "I would have told him to go and [expletive] himself, too. That's the way Ozzie Guillen is."

The exchange shouldn't be viewed as much, though, as the two managers appeared to be in good spirits when discussing the situation — an indication that it was all rather tongue-in-cheek.

But not all of Guillen's ejections have that same feel. And if this is a sign of what's to come this season, things could get pretty interesting down in Miami.

"That happens. Spring training is for everyone. What's the difference between spring training and the season," Guillen said. "I do my job, the umpires have to do their job, the players have to do their job. My job is to protect my players. I don't mind getting ejected, man. That's my job. I get ejected protecting my players, I can sleep at night."

Well, I guess as long as Guillen is getting his requisite eight hours of sleep, we should all just enjoy the ride.

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