Patrice Bergeron Gives Solid Effort to Earn ‘DCU Hero of the Week’ Honors (Video)


Standing in front of a hockey puck as it hurtles toward you faster than most cars drive is no joke. It takes some serious confidence and bravery to do it, but those that do deserve all the credit they get.

That's why Patrice Bergeron is the DCU Hero of the Week.

The gritty Bergeron took a shot off a Johnny Boychuck slapper in Toronto last Tuesday, only to get hit again once again by a shot off the stick of Penguins' forward Matt Niskanen during Sunday's game in Pittsburgh.

So just how much time did he miss after being beat down by compressed rubber?


Bergeron stayed in both games and hasn't missed a second of action since. Now that's a DCU Hero of the Week.

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