Photochop Winners: Kobe Bryant’s Mask Gives Him Power to Become Batman, Green Lantern (Photos)


March 12, 2012

Photochop Winners: Kobe Bryant's Mask Gives Him Power to Become Batman, Green Lantern (Photos)It's a bird! It's a plane! It's Kobe Bryant… wearing a mask?

Bryant's been super the last few games he's played in after donning a special mask fitted to protect his broken nose.

And while it may be a bit jarring to look at, it also gives him a little bit of a look like a superhero — or supervillain.

While Celtics fans will likely see Bryant as a villain no matter what costume he's wearing, we wanted to see what his mask inspired our readers to dream up. So, we asked what superpowers Kobe would gain from his mask and waited for the ideas to roll in.

After combing through the selections, we found a good mix of readers choosing sides for Bryant in the battle of good vs. evil.

Click here to see what superheroes and supervillains Kobe Bryant could fill in for while wearing his mask >>

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