Peyton Manning already ruled out the Washington Redskins, but one of his former wide receivers isn't following suit.

Pierre Garcon announced on Twitter shortly after the start of the NFL's free-agency period that he'll sign with the Skins.

Pierre Garcon Announces on Twitter That He'll Sign With Washington Redskins
It's pretty cool to see a player take to social media to keep his fans in the loop like Garcon did. Heading to the Redskins, though? Might not be so cool.

Then again, he will have an opportunity to play alongside explosive rookie quarterback Robert Griffin III next season, which apparently was good enough for Garcon not to wait and see where Manning ends up.

Garcon compiled 70 catches for 947 yards and six touchdowns with Indianapolis in 2011, despite some inconsistent — to say the least — play from the Colts' signal callers.