Report: Dennis Rodman Broke, Sick, Facing Serious Jail Time


Dennis Rodman may have finally hit rock bottom.

Rodman faces serious jail time for not paying child support and his lawyers claim the former player is seriously ill and seriously broke, according to TMZ.

The charges come from Rodman not paying child support for his two kids, ages 9 and 10, owing over $800,000. He owes an additional $50,000 to his ex-wife.

It isn’t hard to believe the financial problems but, unfortunately, the illness part comes off as a stretch by his lawyers to get some pity for a deadbeat dad.

Rodman has done little to earn the benefit of the doubt. In his time in California, the cops have been called to his home 80 times. Through his rather eccentric personality, he manages to win the attention of many while not necessarily endearing himself to any.

The former Bulls star has lived a tough life through substance abuse problems and erratic behavior that likely yields back to serious mental problems, and hopefully this health scare is just a tactic by the lawyers.

Regardless, Rodman may have finally reached the tragic final chapter: one of a broke, deadbeat dad facing serious charges and possible time in prison.

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