Report: Sean Salisbury Trying to Get Life Together After Becoming Self-Described ‘Walking Train Wreck’

by NESN Staff

March 12, 2012

Sean Salisbury has stayed fairly far away from the public eye since 2008, when ESPN let his contract expire. The bombastic NFL analyst had burned many bridges, starting with showing some co-workers photos of his genitals and continuing with a lawsuit against the offbeat sports website Deadspin.

Now, after learning he is diabetic, battling depression and dealing with other physical ailments, Salisbury reportedly wants back in.

What he wants isn't just a return to ESPN, he told the New York Daily News, but a chance to help other people overcome the physical and psychological issues he has dealt with.

"It was a sophomoric thing to do that got me in trouble," Salisbury told the Daily News. "I deserved to be kicked a little for it. But I didn't deserve to be bludgeoned. The past few years have been a rough, rough time. I hit rock bottom physically, mentally, emotionally and financially all at the same time."

Salisbury credited Pain Alternatives, Solutions and Treatments for its efforts treating retired athletes and helping him understand his problems were serious, but not insurmountable.

When Dr. William Focazio of PAST informed him of his diabetes and that repeated blows to the head during his playing days may have hampered his brain's ability to tell his body to produce testosterone, Salisbury said he was ready to listen.

"I'm a walking train wreck," Salisbury said. "I'm willing to do whatever it takes to get better."

With an attitude like that, Salisbury may be back on a split-screen arguing with John Clayton soon enough.

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