Report: Tim Tebow Traded to the Jets (For Sure This Time)


Report: Tim Tebow Traded to the Jets (For Sure This Time)After a day presumably spent trying on different shades of green to see whether he would be better suited for the New York Jets or the Jacksonville Jaguars, it looks like Tim Tebow is definitely headed to New York.

The Denver Broncos have agreed to trade Tebow and a seventh-round pick to the Jets for fourth- and sixth-round picks, reports ESPN's Adam Schefterwho also said Tebow was being given a choice in where he would land.

The trade to the Jets was first reported Wednesday afternoon but was then called off, reportedly over New York not knowing that Tebow’s contract had $5 million worth of "recapture language," meaning the Jets would have to pay money back to the Broncos as part of the deal. That was also reportedly the sticking point for the Jaguars. The Jets are now willing to pay the $5 million, according to Schefter.

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