'Anchorman' Sequel Means Sports Fans to Get More of World's Best Fictional Sportscaster Champ KindOne of the most iconic names in news has returned, and he’s kind of a big deal.

Will Ferrell went on Conan O’ Brien‘s show on Wednesday night as his fictitious alter ego Ron Burgundy to announce that he will be staring in a sequel to his hit comedy Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy.

The news has spread all over the Internet and has placed many fans in a glass case of emotions.

The entire Channel 4 news team will be returning to action along with Ferrell. Paul Rudd is slated to come back as field reporter Brian Fantana, hopefully not smelling like pure gasoline. Steve Carrell will reprise his role as weatherman Brick Tamland, grenade and trident in tow.

David Koechner will also be coming back as Champ Kind, arguably the best fake sportscaster in cinema history. Stuart Scott and Chris Berman might think they have the market cornered on sports-related catchphrases, but neither one of them can compete with Ron Burgundy’s best friend, and hopeful roommate.

Perhaps the sports world would be a little more interesting if more sportscasters wore 10 gallon hats, devoured a couple of cocktails and started a fire in someone’s kitchen. It would certainly break up the monotony of Tim Tebow– and Peyton Manning-related stories.

With the complete Channel 4 team intact, fans are hoping that this sequel is a real whammy.

So everybody get some scotch in your belly, go suit shopping and get your lamps ready, because Ron Burgundy is back.

Perhaps there will be some reference to Burgundy’s foray into the sports world, as seen in his ill-fated audition for ESPN’s SportsCenter.

Photo via Facebook/Champ Kinde