Shawn Thornton Goes From Overlooked Junior to Stanley Cup Champion on Long Journey to NHL


Shawn Thornton Goes From Overlooked Junior to Stanley Cup Champion on Long Journey to NHL In most cities, the most popular player is usually the leading scorer or the goalie. While Tim Thomas and David Krejci certainly are revered in Boston, there is no bigger fan favorite than Shawn Thornton.

The veteran winger has become a beloved figure in Boston, and the feeling has been mutual.

Part of fans' affinity for Thornton comes from his hard-working nature, which is evident in every shift he takes for the Bruins. Clearly, Thornton is a player who loves his role and never takes his position for granted.'s Douglas Flynn captured the story of Thornton's hockey life, from his beginnings in Ontario, through some trying times in the minors and finally through a pair of Stanley Cup victories. Relive the journey by reading the stories below.

Part I: Early Years
Shawn Thornton's Early Years Include Strong Family Support and a Fortuitous Broken Arm

Part II: Juniors
Shawn Thornton Develops Hockey Skills in Juniors, Gains Reputation as Great Teammate

Part III: Minors
Shawn Thornton Survives Some Wild Seasons, Gets First Taste of NHL During 10-Year Odyssey in AHL

Part IV: NHL Career Begins
Shawn Thornton's NHL Dreams Nearly Die in 2006, But Ducks Revitalize Gritty Winger's Career

Part V: Boston and Beyond
Shawn Thornton Scares Charlestown Neighbors at First But Becomes Important Part of Boston Community


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