Should the NHL Bring Back the Red Line, Ban Two-Line Passes?When the NHL emerged from its lockout in 2005, there were several changes to the rules made. While instituting the salary cap loomed largest, a smaller change such as removing the red line and allowing two-line passes also had a significant impact on the game.

Now, NHL general managers are wondering if it might be better to bring the red line back. At the GM meetings this week, several rule changes are being discussed, including reinstituting the red line in an attempt to make the game safer.

The thinking goes that by allowing two-line passes, players gather too much speed through the neutral zone, so any collisions are more dangerous and cause more concussions.

While the idea of protecting players in admirable, it might not exactly be that simple a relationship between two-line passes and more concussions. Besides, a major criticism of the sport pre-lockout was how the neutral zone trap bogged down games and limited scoring.

Should the NHL bring back the red line and ban two-line passes?