Bobby Valentine's Many Faces Show He's a One-of-a-Kind Guy for Red Sox, BaseballNo matter what fans or critics like to say, they can all agree on this: There will never be another figure in baseball like Bobby Valentine.

So, it only seems fit to honor Valentine as a new season opens with him back in a managing role.

Valentine played in the big leagues from 1969 to 1979 as a Dodger, Angel, Met and Mariner. He then managed the Rangers and Mets before half a decade in Japan, where he led the Chiba Lotte Marines.

After a year spreading his thoughts on ESPN, Valentine is now taking a Red Sox squad with great expectations into the 2012 season.

Throughout the years, Valentine has been a lightning rod, a linguist, a mustachioed manager in disguise, a bobblehead, and a provocateur.

But for all other things that include the new Sox manager, check out our photo gallery.

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