Brendan Shanahan's First Season as NHL's Director of Player Safety Includes 44 Suspensions, Plenty of Debate (Videos)Brendan Shanahan was a hot topic around the league during his first season as the NHL's senior vice president of player safety.

Colin Campbell, who previously held the position, often made news himself, but Shanahan's tendency to rule with an iron fist immediately caught the attention of the league and the fans. In fact, Shanahan handed out nine suspensions before the regular season even began.

The suspensions didn't slow down from there, as Shanahan handed out 44 suspensions that totaled 135 regular season games and 28 preseason games. And while none of the suspensions will carry over into the playoffs, you've got to believe he'll be keeping a close eye on what transpires, and won't be afraid to pull the trigger on any bans.

Each suspension caused plenty of debate amongst hockey fans, especially considering the accompanying videos that Shanahan released for each that aimed to explain his decision. Let's relive each one, shall we?

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