Charlie Weis Has Kansas Football Players Practice Celebrating (Video)

Charlie Weis is a man on a mission, trying to revive a Kansas football program that hasn’t been to a Bowl Game since 2008.

In an attempt to instill a winning mindset in his players, Weis is even having them practice celebrations.

During the final 10 minutes of practice on Thursday, Weis had kicker Ron Doherty go onto the field to attempt a “game-winning” field goal. Doherty missed his first attempt, but his second try split the uprights, bringing his teammates storming in from the sidelines.

Weis didn’t like what he saw, though, and decided to school his players on the art of celebrating. According to The Kansas City Star’s Rustin Dodd, Weis delivered the following speech after watching his players’ subpar celebration.

“I can tell you guys aren’t used to winning. [Pause] Hey. Hey, fellas. OK. Winning a football game is not supposed to be an uncommon occurrence. I know that’s a novel concept around here.

“OK. When you win a football game, there’s supposed to be a celebration that looks like a celebration. And that was a pile of crap.

“I believe in practicing everything, including winning. That’s what this is all about.

“This isn’t about you guys jacking around over here.

“This is about, third game of the season, you’re sitting here 2-0. You’re playing TCU, you haven’t won a conference game in about eight years. [bells] … and you hit a field goal to win the game. Act that way!”

The Jayhawks went 2-10 last season and haven’t won a conference game since November 2010. But in his first season as Kansas head coach, Weis feels like things are going to be a bit different going forward.

For one, if the Jayhawks win only two games again this season, they’ll at least do so in style.

Check out the video below — courtesy of Dodd — to see Kansas’ celebration practice.

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