Ejected NFL Fans To Pay Reinstatement Fee, Pass Online Test For Readmission


It’s common for the NFL to make rule changes before the start of a new season.

Typically, commissioner Roger Goodell will make an announcement and a disgruntled player will tweet out his feelings on the matter. This offseason however, there’s a new rule that may irk those watching the games, not playing in them. According to the New York Post, the NFL will require ejected fans to pass a “code-of-conduct exam” as well as pay a $75 fine if they want to get back to their seat.

“We’re not trying to squash anyone’s passion. We’re just trying to say don’t be violent,” said Dr. Ari Novick, the Californian who is the brains behind the program.

Requirements will vary depending on the stadium, but most of the time the stadium louts will have to pass the test before being allowed back in. For instance, fans attending a Jets or Giants game “who get the boot must write [MetLife Stadium security chief Daniel DeLorenzi] a letter of apology and take the four-hour, $75 online course, available at fanconductclass.com. To pass, they have to get at least 70 percent of the questions correct.” according to the New York Post.

The crackdown is aimed at season ticket holders who continue to cause trouble, and in no way should change the experience for the rest of the fans, who will stick to safe gameday rituals.

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