While it remains unclear to most who first blew the whistle on the Saints' bounty program, it's apparently very clear to author and filmmaker Alan Donnes.

Donnes, who wrote the book Patron Saints: How the Saints Gave New Orleans a Reason to Believe, said that Mike Cerullo — a former defensive quality control coach for the Saints — is the one who leaked the news of the team's bounty program.

Donnes was appearing on America's Radio News Network on Tuesday when he made the accusations against Cerullo. The author and filmmaker said that he has multiple sources in the Saints organization, and that it's a well-established theory amongst the New Orleans media that Cerullo is the whistleblower.

Cerullo worked as an offensive line assistant, a special teams assistant and as an assistant to defensive coordinator Gregg Williams, but Donnes describes Cerullo as a disgruntled former employee who couldn't find work after the organization let him go. Donnes said Cerullo believed Sean Payton and Williams actually blocked him from getting a job in the NFL.

These, of course, are major accusations by Donnes, and ones that should probably be taken with a grain of salt. Plus, the damage has been done, and finding the "snitch" won't really solve a whole lot at this juncture.