Jack Sellers to Honor Slain Chihuahua During NASCAR Race, After Dog Was Killed With Golf Club


What a way to be remembered.

On April 14, NASCAR driver Jack Sellers will have a photo of a chihuahua named Lily on the hood of his car in Arizona.

Lily's owner, Barbara Hitchman, was walking down the street in search of her missing chihuahua , who had run away just minutes earlier. But the Manifee, Calif. resident instead came upong a horrible sight — her dog was dead.

Hitchman was told by a neighbor, according to MSNBC, that her dog had been hit with a golf club by a neighbor walking nearby.

Sellers, who lives in Sacramento, is going to honor Lily with a hood-sized photo along with a caption that reads, "Stop Animal Cruelty. Protect the Innocent. Be their Voice."

"This heinous crime was just, justice has to prevail," said Sellers of the horrific murder. "I'm afraid that without this campaign that we're having here, that it would be just set aside."

Hitchman just wants to get justice for her murdered pet.

"I want proper justice," said Hitchman about the man who killed her dog. "I don't want him getting away with murder."

There will also be a memorial service held for Lily on April 15 at Menifee Dog  Park.

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