The Red Sox were celebrating a big piece of their heritage on Friday, commemorating the 100th anniversary of historic Fenway Park. And to keep with the tradition of the day, the team donned throwback jerseys from 1912 to honor the long history of the park.

Dick Bresciani, Red Sox historian and vice president of publications and archives, has been with the organization since 1972. In his 40-plus years with the team, Bresciani has seen the Red Sox wear a number of different jersey combinations. But the classic look of a white jersey and red lettering is by far his favorite.

The decision to go with the 1912 uniforms was to help maintain authenticity on the special day, Bresciani said in an in-depth interview with NESN’s Jenny Dell. He also explained the process by which the team was able to get the uniforms to look just as they did 100 years ago.

Check out the video above to see the entire interview and learn more about the sweet jerseys.