Jose Canseco’s Twitter Account Mysteriously Deleted, Reappears With Claim ‘Aliens’ Responsible


Jose Canseco's famous Twitter feed has mysteriously been deleted, leaving the Internet bewildered to pick up the pieces of what happened.

Canseco's colorful @JoseCanseco account is no longer in operation, and nobody seems to know why.

His agent has indicated that Jose did not delete the account himself and he is "trying to figure this out," according to SBNation's Amy Nelson.

Canseco had amassed a huge Twitter following in recent times, thanks to his profound musings on the world of entertainment interspersed with boastings of near confrontations with Alex Rodriguez.

Update: Canseco's account is back, and the former MLB slugger is claiming that aliens shut down his account, he is a vampire and that he saw Elvis Presley and Michael Jackson when he "died." Back to business as usual.

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