Milan Lucic is well known for his aggressive fighting style and "never back down" attitude. On Monday night, the bruising Bruins forward nearly cost his team with that attitude after Capitals defenseman Karl Alzner decided to poke the bear.

After a whistle call, Lucic engaged in a minor tussle with Washington winger Matt Hendricks but as the scuffle started to calm down Alzner saw fit to throw Lucic in a headlock and get in a few cheap shots. Lucic didn't take kindly to the sucker punches and jumped at — quite literally — the chance to drop the 23-year-old defender.

The fight dragged on for a few minutes, as Lucic, Alzner and a few other players got all tangled up with plenty fists being thrown around like shots on goal.

Check out the entire scrum, and some close-up replays of the fight in the video above.